couple rocking their engagement session following my helpful tips

8 tips to help beat the nerves and make sure you get the most out of your couple shoot

Engagement and couple photo shoots are awesome for so many reasons. If you’re feeling nervous about being in front of the camera, this is the perfect opportunity to put your nerves at ease without the added pressure of being in front of family! Secondly, it gives us both the chance to get to know each other. If you want relaxed and natural, unposed wedding photographs – this is key. The less you think of me as a stranger to you on your day, the better.

You should think of the engagement session as a date and not stress about it. We can do anything you like. Visit your favourite music store, explore a new city, or even bake something at home. The options are endless. Every couple comments on how much they enjoyed the shoot and after a few minutes you’ll be wondering why you were ever nervous.

Be Open

Think about how you are when no-one else is around. Don’t shy away from showing your feelings or vulnerability. I want the shoot to be led by your personalities. Do you spend 99% of your time together laughing, then great – show me! Are you super affection, I want to see that too! To some these might be considered as the photos to delete, but your shoot should capture you as you are, rather than some idealistic image that’s not! In doing so you will cherish your photographs. They’ll evoke emotions and memories, rather than just being a snap of you with a fake smile. It’s about being in the moment rather than having your photos taken.

Dress Code

Wear something you’re comfortable and confident in. Whether that’s a summery dress, or jeans, there’s no need to ‘dress up’ just because you feel you ‘have’ to. Try to stay clear of all black outfits. While it’s considered slimming I disagree. It can look heavy on camera and shows up every little speck of dust and fluff! Depending on location, sometimes it can be fun to bring a change of outfit or even some layers to take off!

Get into the zone

Ever go to a party straight from work? You end up in a rush, and one step behind everyone else straight from the start. It’s not the greatest feeling. But those nights out where you’ve had time to chill in the bath, do your nails, dance around to Queen in your undies? Those nights out rock! Treat your couple session the same way and dedicate the full day to getting in the mood. Spend time together earlier in the day, go for lunch together, see something at the cinema or go for a drink. It will help you relax and forget about the DIY/dishes/work stresses waiting for you back home. That way, when we start shooting, you’ll be really chilled with each other. Your personalities and love for each other will shine through.

Forget about the camera

I know this is easier said that done, but try to forget I’m there. But it’s worth reminding you that I’m not there to take a photo of ‘you’. I’m there to capture the emotions and feelings you guys experience when you are together. Your spark, if you like. You’ll usually settle into this in 5 or 10 minutes but don’t worry if you are finding it difficult. I have tricks up my sleeve to help you relax!

Think about your location

Think about this. The location, light and timing of the shoot will affect your mood and levels of energy. Shoots at home tend to be chilled out or intimate, whereas shoots on a hilltop are more reflective and cities always breed alittle more energy! So think about what you want the photo set to say about you as a couple and what you want them to capture.

Leave your bags and extras at home

So often the best shots are the ‘out-takes’ those ones when we are moving between locations and you’ve let your defences down. So leave the bags and extras at home.

Would you love to book a couple shoot or chat more about how to beat the nerves? Send me a message and we can get chatting!

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