Portrait of Elaine taken by Mack.Photo at her wedding

About Me

I'm Elaine. A Scot living in Wales who is obsessed with people watching, Batman movies and Grease 2 (sorry, but not sorry!). Three years ago I married someone who makes my heart skip a beat and I've never looked back. When I'm not shooting weddings, we LOVE to explore the Welsh Coast with our furbaby Fawkes and find new favourite coffee shops.

I'm a bit of a rebel at heart, If someone tells me to do something one way, I feel this massive overpowering itch inside to do it my own way. I believe everyone should pour their personality into everything!

I'm a hopeless romantic, not in a "twelve red roses" way, but seeing elderly couple still holding hands makes me heart bleed. I don't care for big gestures.

Thank you to mack.photo for our wedding photography.

Rhodri & I met 6 years ago...

I laughed and pulled a face the first time someone suggested we should date!

Can I share a secret with you? I never used to believe in marriage. I used to be a half glass empty kinda girl. Then Rhodri changed my world. Rather than gaining a husband, I gained a best friend, who laughs at my goofy jokes, humours my rants and shares my loves. He’s one of my biggest pieces of inspiration.

The things I love...

New York (I'd move in a heartbeat), the colour of pumpkins and tomato soup, autumn, Scandinavian design, soft window light, French interiors, stripes, people watching in coffee shops, and frosty winter mornings.

About You

You're laid-back and don't mind ruffling a few feathers. You do things differently, rather than stick to the ordinary you've planned your wedding around things and details that make you scream with excitement, rather than bow down to ‘traditions’ or ‘the way things are usually done’. No hand-me-down tiaras here.

You shudder at the thought of posed, traditional photographs. You’d like your wedding photos to be a visual reminder of the emotions you experienced, rather than just what the day looked like. Stiff group shots aren’t your priority.

You get excited about the little things. Your heart skips a beat at soft window light and those overcast grey days where the light is magical. You adore scouring fleamarkets, exploring new cities and laughing late into the night with friends over good pizza.

Sound familiar? I can’t wait to get to know you...

Let's Chat!

Do you think we'd get on like old friends? I can't wait to hear from you! I always aim to respond within 48hrs. If not, check your spam folder, sometimes the web-bots conspire against me! If you still haven't heard from me, pop me a message at the email below.


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