A little bit about me

About Elaine

I’m a girl of extremes, I love the city as much as I do the coast. I’d move to New York in a heartbeat and spend my days drinking coffee on the High Line. I love the ‘crunch’ the first frost makes underfoot, the colours of autumn (so much so we named our dog Fawkes), and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. I love 80’s movies and music; I’d pick Footloose over ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Grease 2’ over ‘Grease’ every time.

But most of all I love weddings; people watching (in a non-creepy way!), their smiles and emotional connections, discovering the details that are important to you, the heirlooms, the dresses, the bouquets…my god, the bouquets. Being able to capture those moments and details so you can relive it over and over again is the best gift. Over the past 6 years I’ve travelled all over the UK shooting relaxed and colourful weddings for creative couples.


As a former, pre-lockdown ants in my pants, where/what are we going/doing today kinda girl, the past 18 months (and a move out of the city!) has taught me to slow down and embrace life at a slower pace. When I’m not at a wedding you’ll mostly find me pottering in the cut-flower & veg patches, Fawkes & Roo (our trusty labs) in tow, or scouring instagram for second hand home finds. I’ve swapped coffee shops for my husbands V60’s, and pizza restaurants for his trusty Ooni pizza oven!

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