Awesome confetti throw at a summer wedding

So you want to nail your confetti throw? Read on…

You’re thinking about confetti for your wedding? Confetti throws are so fun and a really joyous part of a wedding day – it’s often the first opportunity your friends and family get to congratulate you as you leave the ceremony –  and with a little coordination from your photographer (ie…making sure friends and family get in close, and everyone throws OVER you at the same time, rather than AT you) you’ll get some really beautiful photos filled with happiness. If I could change one thing about my wedding day? I’d literally have a day long confetti throw…forget the drinks reception.

So to help you get the most from the moment and your photos, here are 5 ways to make sure your confetti throw is amazing.

awesome confetti throw with homemade DIY dried flower petal confettiColourful dried flower petal confetti with calendula and burgundy rose petals

1. Dish it out!

This seems obvious, I know. But if you want amazing confetti photos the best way to get them is to give your guests PLENTY of confetti. This way you can make sure everyone gets involved, as well as making sure they have plenty to play with. Around a litre per 10 guests of larger sized confetti should be enough.

2. Go bold

The most striking confetti photos are those where the confetti has been rich, bold, and colourful. Paler pastel shades tend to blend into the background unless you are against a darker backdrop so bear that in mind when ordering. Shades of deep red, and yellow always pop. If you are opting for natural dried petal confetti don’t feel like you are restricted to more muted tones – calendula petals and damson rose petals will add lots of colour.

3. Go big

Size Matters. Natural or Biodegradable paper – it’s upto you, but either way go for larger pieces. Around the size of a 10p coin is great for paper confetti while adding lots of rose petals to a natural mix will help create impact. Smaller pieces of confetti also tend to get EVERYWHERE, so unless you want to spend an age picking it out of you and your new spouses hair steer clear of tiny pieces.

4. Let Me Know!

Sounds silly right? But if you let me know before hand I can scope out the best location for the throw, get guests organised and make sure they know to throw the confetti OVER you, not AT you. I’ll never forget Annabel’s post-confetti words “I didn’t know confetti would hurt so much!”

5. Venue Confetti Ban? Don’t Fret…

Don’t worry – sometimes churches and venues wont allow confetti. It’s worth checking whether it’s a blanket ban, or whether it’s exclusively the old-style, non-biodegradable confetti they aren’t so keen on. If confetti is 100% a no-no, bubble machines are a great alternative. Fen & Ed (below) were all over over it, handing out little bottles of bubbles you had as a kid, and nominated a groomsman to operate a bubble machine (they are about £25 from Amazon). It was just as much fun!

Finally (and most importantly)…enjoy it! Be present and be in the moment and just have fun! If you are planning a confetti throw and need a little extra advice or have some questions that I haven’t covered here don’t be a stranger! Pop me a message, or message me directly to and I’ll be there with bells on!

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