I’m sure you’ll have come across lots of different terms for styles of wedding photography during your research. Terms like ‘alternative’, ‘documentary’, or ‘storyteller’ have probably popped up a few times. If I had to describe my style, I’d tell you I was a documentary photographer, with a rich, cinematic editing style who favours candid photographs rather than posed ones. What these terms mean differs from person to person, so I find it more useful to show you how I approach a typical wedding day.



My Style in 30 Seconds


A Typical Wedding Day

Getting ready is one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph. I normally arrive just before you get dressed, and stay until just after the first dance.

My approach is hands off during your preparations, and prefer to share in your jokes and blend in with your friends and family. When I arrive I’ll start by photographing details like the dress, shoes, invitations, and flowers to give everyone a little time to get used to me moving around the room. After that, I’ll work on capturing moments as they happen. Sometimes I’ll suggest moving into better light, but otherwise I won’t really ask anything of you at this point.

Through the course of the day I will take lots of story telling photographs, like the setting, the venue inside and out, little details, the foliage outside, the weather…the little things that add up to complete the story of the day.

If you are getting married later in the afternoon or if you have a busy timeline you might choose to have a first look where you both meet before the ceremony. During this time I’ll photograph the ‘reveal’ then take a few more formal photographs of you, your partner and your wedding party before moving on to more candid photographs of you both.

The ceremony, be it civil, humanist or religious service is 100% as it happens. I document family reactions, you as you arrive, the looks as you first see each other.

 For your confetti toss, I’m there to capture the smiles and celebrations. I’ll coordinate your guests into the most appropriate places and ask them to throw confetti over you, rather than at you.

Typical I’ll photograph family group shots next. These are the most posed shot’s I will deliver, they are timeless and most likely to be displayed in the homes of your family. I like to work quickly and keep the shots quite informal and relaxed. To make sure it doesn’t detract from your celebrations, I recommend keeping the list of groups to no more than 8 combinations, which will take around 30 minutes.

For your couple portraits I’ll spend 20-30 minutes on photos with just the two of you. This can happen before your ceremony if you’ve chosen to have a first look, or after family group photos if not.

We’ll have 3 or 4 formal photos where I might ask you to look at the camera before moving into more natural, interactive ones for the rest of the session. I encourage clients to get close and snuggle up, it’s one of the few times they have alone all day so it’s important to make the most of it. I’m aware some clients are naturally more touchy-feely than others and I work with that to create portraits that reflect your personalities and emotions.

Your portraits are a collaboration between you and I, the biggest piece of advice to getting great photos, is to take a big breath, relax and embrace the process.

During the drinks reception, I’ll float around taking candid photographs of your guests, I’m drawn to smiles, laughter and emotion. I’ll also photograph scene setting details like place settings, decor, the cake…little things that document the complete story.

During dinner there’s no need to seat me with guests. When you eat, I eat. During speeches I’ll move around quietly taking photographs of the speaker, as well as you and your families reactions.

If the light is beautiful later on or I spot an amazing sunset, I might ask to borrow you again, maybe between dinner and dessert for 10 minutes.

Then it’s time to let your hair down. After everyone else hits the dance floor I’ll stay for around 15/20 minutes more unless we’ve discussed otherwise. I love when the couple stay on the floor for at least one up beat song!

My Style

My aim is to capture the mood of your day in your photographs. If your day is full of fun and laughter, your photographs will reflect that. If your day is more relaxed and chilled – that will shine through. I deliver a mix of colour and black and white photographs professionally edited by me, in my signature rich, cinematic style.

Hit play below to see some of my favourite images from throughout the years.

My ideal client


You’re laid-back and don’t mind ruffling a few feathers. You do things differently, rather than stick to the ordinary you’ve planned your wedding around things and details that make you scream with excitement, rather than bow down to ‘traditions’ or ‘the way things are usually done’. No hand-me-down tiaras here.

You shudder at the thought of posed, traditional photographs. You’d like your wedding photos to be a visual reminder of the emotions you experienced, rather than just what the day looked like. Stiff group shots aren’t your priority.

You get excited about the little things. Your heart skips a beat at soft window light and those overcast grey days where the light is magical. You adore scouring fleamarkets, exploring new cities and laughing late into the night with friends over good pizza.

So what next?

If this feels like the perfect fit for you then hit then drop me a message and we can start chatting about your wedding day! I want to know all about your plans and you both!


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