“I think of myself as a storyteller,
drawn to light, moments and composition”

Tell me about your style?
For the most part documentary with a rich, cinematic editing style.

Others have described me as natural, creative, editorial, photojournalistic and alternative.
Where are you based?
I'm based in South Wales, but LOVE travelling to new places so don't let that swap you. I regularly shoot weddings in London and love to travel back home to Scotland at every opportunity. Sometimes a travel supplement will apply, but let's talk more before we get into the nitty gritty details.
What is the best light to photograph in?
Light is a very important element in photography. For weddings, I always suggest getting ready in a bright, naturally lit room with little clutter. It's also important to ensure your makeup artist sets up in front of a window with you facing out. Light changes vastly throughout the day and depending on the season, I suggest sneaking away after dinner nearer to sunset to get some nice warm photographs and to spend a bit of time alone together. I've written a blog post on planning your wedding day that you might enjoy!
Can we print our photos?
Of course! You receive the full personal print rights from me so you’re welcome to print away and share with family and friends. I recommend using a pro-lab like DSCL Colour Labs for the best results. If that seems like too much hassle - you (or your family and friends) can order prints directly from your gallery.
We hate having our photos taken, will you help put us at ease?
You're not alone! Don't worry everyone says they are rubbish in front of the camera...at the start. I've found even the most nervous subject relaxes within the first five minutes...so don't worry! I encourage all nervous couples to book an engagement session, not only do you walk away with some fab photos, it will help you see that you don't need to be nervous!
Do you offer albums?
Absolutely! I offer the most beautiful fine art albums.

I like to wait til after your wedding to talk about these. It's less thing to stress about now, and I totally get weddings are a big financial outlay - sometimes budget doesn't allow for extra items immediately.
Can I see a full gallery?
Absolutely! Mention it when you get in touch!
How many weddings do you book in a year?
I strongly believe that the best wedding photographs come from a strong foundation of friendship between us. You're never going to be at your most relaxed if I'm a stranger when the day arrives. Because of this, I typically limit the number of weddings I take on each year to 20.
Would you like to see my Pinterest board?
Totally! I'm a Pinterest addict and often get lost in a deep rabbit hole over there. While I'd love to see the ideas you have for styling your day, what I wont do is replicate photographs you've seen elsewhere. I want you to book me because you love MY work. A shot list will prevent me from catching candid moments, and inhibit my creativity. Of course, the exception to this is family group photos which I'll gladly capture.
How many images do you deliver after a wedding?
Typically, between 400 to 600 fully edited images.
When will we get out photos?
6 weeks after your wedding. I understand this feels like a lifetime, so I'll always send a sneak peek a few days after your wedding.
Are you insured?
Yes, For both public liability and professional indemnity.
We want to book! How do we secure our wedding date?
Get in touch! Once we know I'm available on your date, we'll chat about your plans and a little on how I work we can take it from there. It's super important to me that we get on like a house on fire.

If you decide I’m the photographer for you and would like to book a £500 non-refundable booking fee secures your date.